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Why ceramic?

 Ceramic plates allow for even heat distribution which means there will not be an overheated or cold spot. This is important for consistent results, but also because it means that you have less potential to burn or damage your hair and speeds up the process of styling. Many flat irons are not pure ceramic but instead are aluminum with a coating of ceramic on the top. While this makes them more affordable, you should use them with caution and always check the plates before using. The coating will ware off, chip or peel, exposing the metal below and the chipped areas snag your hair. Also when a plate is not truly ceramic 100% the buildup on the plate becomes permanent and will interfere with the style you are wanting to accomplish. Do not be fooled by the cost of some hair tools, that does not determine whether an iron is coated or not, a lot of the expensive professional models are not 100% ceramic simply because it cuts cost for the manufacture. Always look for words like solid ceramic, pure ceramic and 100% ceramic. 



What is infrared light?

 The far end of the infrared spectrum of light is invisible to the eye, but penetrates further than visible wavelengths because it "radiates" - directly heating objects in an area without heating the entire space - through a process of direct light conversion into heat. This is the same way the sun heats (consider how cool it is in the shade), but far infrared heat lacks the dangerous UV rays and other wavelengths that are bad for us.

Far infrared heat is also unique because it can penetrate human skin and hair cells, bringing heat within. This style of heat has been explored in the East for its curative properties and ability to restore good circulation - often seen in saunas and other spa treatments. And it's the most efficient, gentlest way to heat hair - but any flat iron with a ceramic heating element will deliver.(reference :


Dual voltage?

All of our hair tools are dual voltage so you can use our products anywhere in the world with an adapter.

How to clean hair tools?

Make sure tool is turned off and unplugged. Rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab is all that is needed to clean hair tools. Lightly dip cotton swab in alcohol (you do not want cotton swab to be drenched just slightly moist) and clean areas of hair tool that you feel need to be cleaned.

How are Purify's hair tools different then others?

Purify carries luxury hair tools. We use only the best technology in each and every hair tool we have. We use far infrared technology to heat up our 100% ceramic plates which in most cases hair straighteners use a metallic heating aliment on a metal plate with only a coating of ceramic which defeats the purpose of using a ceramic hair tool. Our luxury hair tools heat up in a flash unlike most brands 5 minute wait time. Purify carries cost efficient luxury hair products that are a life time investment. Purify's luxury hair tools are energy efficient, dual voltage and apply less heat on the hair to prevent excess damage unlike other brands. Most of our luxury products are designed for multi-use rather then just 1 tool that offers 1 styling technique. We bring luxury to your hair. 

Return and Exchange policy?

We offer exchanges on all products unopened or unused however if the product is defected you have a 3 year manufactures warranty unless you purchased an extended life-time unlimited warranty which covers everything except for lost or stolen. No refunds simply because once you try our hair tools you will absolutely love them.

How do I make an Exchange? 

Each customer with an exchange must have the original receipt for proof of purchase as well as the warranty card of the product. Email is the best way to reach us about any warranty exchanges Each exchange must be accompanied by a check of $19.99 for shipping/exchange fees non negotiable. 

How long does shipping usually take?

7-10 business days unless expedited shipping is purchased upon request.

How may I contact you?

Call (713) 367-0828 to reach us during normal business hours Mon.-Thur. from 10am- 3pm CST outside of business hours feel free to contact us via email at

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